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    Zepyr: Mom! Dad! get out of the way!

    Dashiell:  You're hogging the picture!

    Zephyr: Who are those guys?  through the screen!

    Mr. T: it's not nice to point, Zephyr.

    Dashiell : It's not pointing if it's only a picture, dad.

    Mr. T:  You guys are too much...


    Be sure you have an active Gmail.

               your school gmail account is figured out like this:

    first name initial   +     first four letters of your last name +  last three digits of your student ID

    so...if my name was tom + terzano +456789

    then my email address would be:

    my password would be my student ID + my graduating year:


    Be sure you have a back up plan.

    The calendar link to the left has all of classroom materials.

    Be aware that the best way to be successful is to have back-up options.

    To set up text reminders for assignments and other notifications:

    For Seniors:
    text this number
    (813) 343-2628
    with this message

    For Sophomores:
    text this number
    (813) 343-2628
    with this message

    How to tie a bowtie for Bow Tie Tuesdays!!!

    also, students looking for scholarships at you go!

    Important files to start the year!!!

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