turn it in help and instructions

  • Hackensack High School
    CP English 2

    Login Instructions for uploading Assignments to Turnitin.com

    Step One: Creating a User Profile

    Go to the Turnitin.com webpage (www.turnitin.com) and click on the Create New Account link at the top of the page.   

    Please Note: If you have used Turnitin.com in a previous year and you remember your Username and Password, you can log in and follow the steps to be added to the class.

    If you have not used Turnitin.com before, or cannot remember your username and password, go to the Create a New Account section and click on student.

    You will need your class ID and enrollment password.  The class ID numbers and passwords are as follows:

    Do not cut and paste the ID nor the password...type them in yourself!

    Period 2

    Class ID: 8806205                 Password/Class: Terzano2

    Period 4        

    Class ID: 8806211                 Password/Class: Terzano4

    Period 7        

    Class ID: 8806220           Password/Class: Terzano7

    Period 8       

    Class ID: 8806232                  Password/Class: Terzano8

    Period 9        

    Class ID: 8806243                  Password/Class: Terzano9

    Fill in the User Information with your personal information.  Use your SchoolBits email address, since that is where you will be uploading most of your papers from now on.

    Create a password and select or create a security question.


    Read the User Agreement, click the radio button that indicates that you are at least 13 years of age and click I Agree- Submit Profile.

    Once you have created a profile, you will be directed to the Turnitin.com homepage, where you will be able to upload your paper.

    Step Two: Uploading a Paper to Turnitin.com

    Either log in to your Hackensack High School email account from the Hackensack Public Schools webpage and retrieve your email to open up your summer assignment as a Microsoft Word Document on the desktop OR open the document from your USB onto the desktop.

    On the Turnitin.com homepage, locate our class period and click on it.  You will be directed to the assignment inbox/class portfolio page, where you will see the Summer Assignment.  Click on the submit button on the right.

    You have two options for uploading your paper: 1) as a single file upload (attachment) or 2) a cut and paste upload (you copy and paste the entire paper into the box).  When possible, always submit papers as an attachment.

    Give your paper a title ( Example – Summer Assignment or Frankenstein)

    Browse for your file on the desktop and upload.

    You will be directed to a confirmation page, where you will be able to review your paper a final time before submitting it.  Click on the submit button to finalize your submission.

    You will be given a digital receipt that states that your file has been successfully uploaded to the class. HOORAY ! ?

    In 2-3 hours, you can log back in to Turnitin.com, to view your originality report, which indicates how much of your paper could contain plagiarized information.