I am a published author!


    As a teacher and a mother, I understand how powerful and captivating a storybook can be to children and that is one of the reasons I was motivated to pursue my dream of getting my stories out there!


    My first book is entitled A Twist of Fate. It is based on true events that took place in my life and on how I came to be here in the United States with my family.  We had to leave Lebanon and everything thing behind due to the war, and our journey here was not an easy one.  We moved to the United States in 1992 after being separated from our dad for about 3 years.   My book tells a story of hope, courage, life and family importance.  My parents are my heroes and my angels and I wanted to share with the world a tiny piece of what they had to go through to provide a better life for their children.

    My second book is entitled I Hope.  My amazing daughter Jewel inspired this book.  I looked at her one night and hoped that she NEVER loses this magnificent sense of wonder.  This book is a children's rhyming book that speaks of hopes from a mother to her child.  This book sums up the dreams and wishes that every parent has for their child.


    My third book is entitled Geraldina and the New Kid.  This book is the first in the Geraldina series I am writing.  I understand how important acceptance and friendship are to a child because it helps them find love in this world.  Those experiences inspired her to write this story.   This children’s book sends the message about the importance of acceptance, friendship, and tolerance.  

    Visit my website www.hopeandfate.com

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