Media Center Volunteers


    Library Media Center Volunteers  

    The Hillers Elementary Media Center is a busy place and is usually bustling with activity. Classes come on a scheduled basis, individual students come in to get additional books or videos or for researching needs, and teachers need collections of Media Center materials to use in their classrooms. Books need to be shelved, new materials need to be processed and many other activities occur which require time and attention during the course of a normal school day.

    It would be impossible to accomplish everything without the help of our volunteer parents, grandparents and neighborhood residents. They are the heart and soul of the Hillers Media Center program. By contributing a small amount of time weekly or biweekly, they provide a great service which enables our students to benefit in a very positive way. The tasks they perform are varied and include helping students find materials they need, checking books in and out, shelving books, mending, and other special projects.

    We are always pleased to find Hillers parents or individuals in the neighborhood who are willing to help out in the Media Center weekly or biweekly. It's a great way to get to know the school, help children, and perform a valued service. The work is not difficult to learn and no prior experience is necessary.

    Please consider sharing the joys of books and reading with our children. If you are interested, call Ms. DePalma at (201) 646-7870 or send an email message to:                          


    *Additional requirements will follow.