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Welcome to Fanny M. Hillers Media Center:

Ms. DePalma (Hayek)

Media Specialist

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The media center is the hub of learning and is a safe and friendly environment that promotes reading, research, and good citizenship. The Library Media Center is dedicated to designing and maintaining a library media program that supports, expands the instructional program of our school collaboratively working with teachers. Its services provide and promote extensive use of multi-media resources that are designed to meet the varying needs of all learners in all aspects of the curriculum. The L.M.C. provides a learning environment which promotes inquiry, stimulates intellectual curiosity, encourages pleasure reading, and develops diverse interests for the enjoyment of life-long learning. Additionally, the Media Center should provide and promote instruction to prepare students to become independent users of libraries and information resources. The successful, self-aware learner should be able to:

(a)identify, plan, and use resources.(b)acquire and evaluate information.(c)organize and maintain information.(d)interpret and communicate information.(e)use computers to process information.(f)work with a variety of technologies.

An effective library media program depends on the cooperative efforts of all those who are responsible for student learning. It is based on collaboration among the media specialists, teachers, students, administrators, parents, and other members of the learning community. This partnership must make a serious commitment in order to integrate information literacy skills into meaningful contexts. The media center recognizes individual needs and strives to meet them.


Expectations and Guidelines:                                                                       


Expectations of Library Users:                   

The library is committed to providing quality service through our staff, resources, and facility. It is expected that users will respect the rights of others in a safe, pleasant and productive environment for study and research. Students will adhere to all policies and procedures in order to integrate information literacy skills into meaningful contexts.

Guidelines Defining Appropriate Behavior:

Disruptive behavior, including excessive noise is prohibited.Conversations should be conducted in a low voice, respecting others who are studying.Using computers for leisure purposes is permitted only when computers are not needed by others for academic purposes.Damaging and defacing library materials or equipment is prohibited.Those using computers are expected to take proper care of equipment.Food and drinks are not permitted.

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