Go Math – is a Common Core Standards aligned curriculum program which uses digital resources, manipulatives, and games to ensure student learning.  

    Student learning is assessed mid-chapter for intervention or enrichment, then again at the end to ensure student learning.


    • Represent, count, and write numbers (1-100)GoMath
    • Compare Numbers
    • Addition & Subtraction
    • Number Stories
    • Identify and Describe 2D & 3D Shapes
    • Measurement
    • Classify and Sort Data


    *Math on the Spot Videos can be found here.

    -On occasion, I will assign the Personal Math Trainer (PMT) for homework.  To access the homework your child must log in to their ThinkCentral account here.


    The 5 E’s

    • Engage – “The ESSENTIAL QUESTION” … the skill to be taught.  “How can you show, write or count…?”


    • Explore –Teacher model new skill or concept, students listen & draw/write
    • Explain – in small groups – students can share & show what they understand.  Teacher can do a quick check and reteach or model if needed.
    • Elaborate – students practice new skills by solving real world problems
    • Evaluate – students respond to the ESSENTIAL QUESTION using the new skill