We have 3 main Science Units in Grade 3.  See below for a description of each.

    Rocks and Minerals

    In this unit, we explore the 3 types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic.  We learn how rocks are classified and how they are created. In addition, we study the creation of fossils and how the study of fossils can help scientists gather information about the past. Additional conversations connected to this unit may include erosion, weathering, etc.

    Weather and the Water Cycle

    In this unit, we will discuss the components of weather and address the impact of weather on our lives.  Students will learn proper terms for various weather events, such as blizzard, tornado, hurricane, etc. In addition, we will explore the water cycle using the terms evaporation, condensation and precipitation and identify that is cycle is process that repeats the same steps over time.

    The Moon

    In this unit, we will learn about the phases of the moon. We will discuss this process as a cycle and students will understand that the phases repeat, just like the steps of the water cycle. Vocabulary will include phases, orbit, revolve, rotate, quarter, etc. During this unit we will also explore concepts of the sun and the stars.


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    Please feel free to check out the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards for Science using the following link.;c=5