Social Studies


    There are 6 units we aim to cover during the Third Grade.  Look below each Unit Title to see an overview of concepts taught in that unit.


    Community History

       *The different types of communities- rural, urban and suburban

       *Hackensack History

       *Lenne Lenape/ Native Americans as the first settlers of America


    American History

       *The Revolutionary War

       *American Independence

       *The Declaration of Independence

       *The Constitution 



       *Map Skills

       *Longitude and latitude

       *Continents and oceans


    African American History and Civil Rights

       *Notable figures

       *The bus boycott

       *Terms such as prejudice, equality and justice


    Women in History and the Suffrage Movement

       *Notable figures

       *Fight for womens right to vote



       *Reasons people immigrate to another country, such as the USA

       *Statue of Liberty

       *Ellis Island

       *Travel methods long ago and today



    Check out Pete's Powerpoint Station for information and activities related to these Units.