Unit 1- Launching with Quality Personal Narrative Writing

  • Indicators of Understanding

    1. Writers will understand the purpose of and productively engage in each step of the upper grade writing process and have strategies for maintaining stamina and self-reliance.

    2. Writers keep notebooks that are organized and consistent, with collected entries that represent a variety of ideas/personal topics.

    3. Writers write with one controlling idea of some personal significance that the writer can articulate, which moves through time in sequence (B-M-M-M-E) by using more sophisticated transitional phrases to guide the reader chronologically through the piece (e.g. moments later, meanwhile).

    4. Writers use beginnings to set the scene of the narrative by including details about the who, what, where.

    5. Writers write with a well-developed control of accuracy and conventions in all phases of the process.

    6. Writers approximate paragraphing to structure the scenes with controlling idea threaded through.