What is the procedure for requesting an absence for Jury Duty?

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  1. Provide a copy of the Jury Duty summons to your main office. Indicate that this was done in the "Notes to Administrator" field.
  2. If you do not know for sure whether you will be called to serve on the requested date, then you should create the absence and indicate "NO" in the "Substitute required" field.
  3. If you are not called to serve, please work with your school secretary to delete the original absence request.
  4. If you receive confirmation that you are to report for Jury Duty, it is your responsibility to modify your absence request to indicate "YES" in the "Substitute Required" field so that Aesop can find a substitute for you. The sooner you confirm, the greater the chance the absence will be filled.
  5. It is the employee's responsibility to provide a copy of the Jury Duty Attendance Confirmation letter to the Superintendent's office so that the absence can be fully approved.
  6. Please Note: If you receive a check for serving on Jury Duty, you must endorse the check and forward it to the Business Office at 191 Second Street.