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  • What is the procedure for requesting a Professional Day out of the district?

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    What is the procedure for requesting a Professional Day?
    1. Any staff member, instructional or administrative, who wishes to attend a staff development event outside of the district (i.e. workshop, conference, professional meeting, etc.) must complete the professional day request form and submit it to Bob Corrado in the Office of Curriculum and Instruction for approval 7-10 days prior to the request. If reimbursement for cost of the PD involved, then the request requires BOE approval and must be submitted not less than thirty (30) day in advance.
    2. Once a decision is made, a copy of the form is returned to the school and staff member, and the request is logged into a central database. This is necessary in order to comply with QSAC and NCLB requirements.
    3. If the request is Denied, no further action is necessary.
    4. If the request is Approved, it is the employee's responsibility to enter the absence request into Aesop.
    5. The principal should only approve of a professional day absence request if (s)he has a copy of the Approved Professional Day request form in hand.
    6. The Asst. Superintendent will only approve of a professional day absence request if he sees the Approved Professional Day logged into the central database.
    7. A written report must be submitted to the principal/immediate supervisor within 10 days of the event.
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  • What is the procedure for requesting an absence for Jury Duty?

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    1. Provide a copy of the Jury Duty summons to your main office. Indicate that this was done in the "Notes to Administrator" field.
    2. If you do not know for sure whether you will be called to serve on the requested date, then you should create the absence and indicate "NO" in the "Substitute required" field.
    3. If you are not called to serve, please work with your school secretary to delete the original absence request.
    4. If you receive confirmation that you are to report for Jury Duty, it is your responsibility to modify your absence request to indicate "YES" in the "Substitute Required" field so that Aesop can find a substitute for you. The sooner you confirm, the greater the chance the absence will be filled.
    5. It is the employee's responsibility to provide a copy of the Jury Duty Attendance Confirmation letter to the Superintendent's office so that the absence can be fully approved.
    6. Please Note: If you receive a check for serving on Jury Duty, you must endorse the check and forward it to the Business Office at 191 Second Street.
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  • What should I do if I am approved to go on a field trip?

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    Enter the absence request into Aesop and specify the absence type as Field Trip. Also indicate if a substitute is required.
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  • How can I find out how many personal, sick, vacation, etc. days I have in the "bank"?

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    For the current year, you can view your account balances in Aesop; however, if you wish to see a screen shot of the prior year, you must contact

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  • What is the procedure for requesting a PERSONAL day?

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    In order to comply with unit contracts and district procedures, except in cases of emergency, application shall be made in writing to the Superintendent for such leave at least five (5) calendar days in advance. This is done in the following manner:
    • Absence request is entered into Aesop by employee
    • Any additional information can be communicated to the administrator through the "Notes to Administrator (not viewable by Substitute)" field
    • Principals will approve all requests in order to move the request along to the Superintendent's office for final approval*
    *Note: When indicated in contracts, leave days shall not be taken at the beginning or end of the December Holiday, Winter or Spring recess period or when school is closed other than Saturday or Sunday. Granting of leave shall be in accordance with the operational needs of the school system as defined by the Superintendent.
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  • How can I account for days that I have to leave early or arrive late?

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    To properly account for an employee's work time, Aesop allows for 1/2 day absences to be recorded. In order to support the operational needs of your school and proper coverage this must be coordinated with your principal in advance whenever possible. This is done in the following manner:
    • Create an absence request
    • Specify Half AM or Half PM in Absence Type field
    • Specify whether a substitute is required. If coverage is to be coordinated internally by the principal, indicate "No Substitute Required" so that Aesop will not attempt to fill the 1/2 day position.
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  • Do I have to enter an Absence request in Aesop for an approved in-house Professional Development eve

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    It depends; however, in general staff members should always coordinate with their administrator to determine the proper steps as outlined below.
    • ALL PD requests must be approved by the Office of Curriculum and Instruction specifying the participants and the coverage needed, if any.
    • If a single staff member will be participating then (s)he is required to enter the request into Aesop if it requires substitute coverage. The staff member will enter the PD absence request in Aesop and specify whether coverage is needed for a Full Day, Half Day AM, or Half Day PM.
    • If multiple staff members are requesting the same in-house PD day, then one PD form can be submitted with ALL participants listed on an attached sheet.
      • If they each require a substitute for the full day then each teacher must enter a PD absence request in Aesop once they receive approval from R. Corrado
      • If they will be sharing the substitutes then the main office must create a Vacancy and specify the number of substitutes needed.
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