Assistant Principal - Grade 10

  • Welcome Back Class of 2026!  I am excited to work with you, your families and all other members of the school community to help you succeed and achieve in Grade 10 and throughout your High School Academic Career.   

    I ask that you keep 2 things in mind at all times that will help you along with your goals:  

    Do The Best That You Can and Be The Best Person You Can Be. 

    If you remember to act with those 2 things in mind, you will be successful in all of your initiatives.  

    Keep in mind there are many resources here at HHS to support you in the event you need assistance, including teachers, the Administrative Team, School Counselors, School Resource Officer, Student Assistance Counselor, Case Managers, Peer Mentors and  Drop In Center Staff.  Please be sure to utilize the Period 10 Extra Help Period to help you keep up with your assignments and studies. 

    I encourage Parents and Guardians to activate and review Parent Genesis Accounts to access school notifications and up-to-date student academic progress.

    I wish you all a successful school year!  



    Mr. Bob Greenwood 

    Grade 10 Assistant Principal

    184 A