Assistant Principal - Grade 11

  • Welcome Back!!

    The beginning of the school year is an exciting time filled with promise and anticipation knowing that all of your efforts as a junior will reap senior benefits.  Truly, there is no time like the present to tackle conversations with your school counselor, begin college planning by attending school based visits and engaging with your parents in short/long term planning.

    Every year of your high school experience is unique and important.  Junior year stands out because it is the last opportunity to reframe or solidify your high school identity as a scholar, school leader, athlete, mentor, etc.  This time is essential and directly interconnects with your aspirations, leaving an indelible imprint on your life.

    I look forward to providing support, encouragement and guidance as you navigate your junior year.  I am confident that as comets you will rise to the occasion.

    Mrs. Adams

    Grade 11 Assistant Principal

    Tips for a Successful Junior Year

    • Utilize 10th period; notify your teachers of your attendance and come prepared with questions.
    • Pay attention in class, be respectful and if you have any concerns reach out to the instructor and your school counselor. If the issue persists speak to your parents and an administrator.
    • Take responsibility for your actions.
    • Surround yourself with like minded people who are positive and supportive.
    • Do not get distracted by negativity and nonsense; seek out an adult you trust if any issues arise.
    • Get involved; ask yourself what would your college resume look like if you had to submit it today.
    • Make the most of every day; time is a finite resource that you cannot get back once it’s gone. Don’t waste it!