Data Leads by Department

  • If you are using Performance Plus to administer an assessment please submit the Performance Plus Spreadsheet below to your department’s data lead.

    You should submit the spreadsheet 1 week before the test date.


    Hackensack High School

    Mathematics – Laura Koepke

    Language Arts – Lia Papamichael

    Social Studies – Claire Mackey

    Science – Jason Koepke

    ESL/World Languages – Nelson Arrieta

    Special Education – Ashley Paladino


    Hackensack Middle School


    Science (Grade 5) - Stacey Wilkins

    Mathematics (Grade 5) - Stacey Wilkins

    Social Studies (Grades 5,6) - Christopher Melia

    Language Arts (Grades 5) - Christine Romano                             

    Mathematics (Grade 6) - Kristey Duardo     

    Language Arts (Grade 6) - Zoe Scoullos

    Science (Grade 6) - Lil Cuervo

    Language Arts (Grade 7) - Kristey Duardo

    Mathematics (Grade 7) - Manuel Cordonero  

    Science (Grade 7, 8) - Theres Jones 

    Social Studies (Grade 7, 8) - Kevin Moran                             

    Mathematics (Grade 8) - Mohamed Hassan           

    Language Arts (Grade 8 ) -   MohamedHassan                                                                                                                        

    Alternates Devon Darling and Rosina Panuccio. Please contact the alternate data leads if your regular data lead is absent or unavailable.



    Data Team Meeting

    The Data Team will be meeting on the following dates during 9th period. We will be meeting in the Library Conference Area.

    Meeting Agendas will be emailed to the data team meeting before the meeting.

    Data Team Meeting dates for the 2013-2014 School Year

    September 26th

    October 24th

    November 21st

    December 12th

    January 16th

    February 20th

    March 20th

    April 24th

    May 22nd

    June 12th



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