Percent of Increase

  • To determine the percent of increase you must know the starting score which the student attained on an assessment and the score which you want the student too attain on the next assessment.


    If a student receives a score of 15 on a pre-assessment and you would like the student to get a score of 55. The percent of increase can be determined by finding the difference between the two numbers (55 – 15 = 40), then dividing by the original number and multiplying by 100 (40/15 = 2.66 * 100 = 266%) the student would have to increase their score by 266%.

    Is this a reasonable percent of increase?

    When trying to determine what score is reasonable for a student to attain, you may want to look at the percent of increase. It may help you determine is a sore is reasonable for a student to reach for on the next assessment.

    Percent of Increase Calculator

    To help you easily determine the percent of increase, please use the calculator provided below. A short video is also included explaining how to use the percent of increase calculator.

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