Grade 1


    GRADE 1                                                                                     


    Welcome to our 1 st grade garden of growth where every child can reach their own personal potential.   Together we will accept and embrace differences so EVERY child can succeed.   Our interactive and balanced curriculum, including hands-on activities in Math, learning about the world and community in Social Studies and Science, and our Reading and Writing Workshop will cultivate learning and growth!    




    A message from our grade 1 students... 

                When I walk into the classroom I start to get ready for the day.   We do our morning routine and eat breakfast.   Then we meet on the carpet to greet each other and share news.   We begin the day with phonics and then we get to read and talk about a great book.   Sometimes my teacher asks us some tricky questions to make us think.   After that we do Reader’s Workshop and we get to try different strategies that good readers do.   So far, I have learned to figure out tricky words, to make connections and inferences, and ask questions about the books I’m reading.   This might sound like hard work, but it’s not.   I really love reading now.   That’s because I get to pick out my own “just right” books.   Some days I read by myself and other days I read with my reading buddy.

                Then it’s time for what my teacher calls Content Studies.   This is the time when we get to learn about our community, how to stay healthy, different habitats, our solar system, and some famous Americans.

                YUMMY!! It is lunch time and recess. First we get to eat with our friends and then go outside to play.

                After lunch, we do Writers Workshop, and boy do we love to write! This year we will learn some good writing habits. We will learn how to write personal narrative stories, letters, how-to books, all-about books, and respond to literature.

                Then it is time for specials. We have two days of gym, and one day of art, music, and library.

                We end the day with math. We are going to learn how to tell time, how to count and exchange money, how to add and subtract. Math is fun, especially when we get to play math games.

                We are like busy bees learning all day. And guess what? There are so many other fun things we are going to get to do this year. I can’t wait for our class trip, the 100 th day of school, our assembly, pajama party, holiday hop, holiday parties, and so many other things.

                Now that you know what I do in school, I bet you understand why I feel so proud.