School Social Worker

  • Cecilia Ruiz

    School Social Worker

    Fanny Meyer Hillers School


    School counseling is a service that is made available to any student who is experiencing social or emotional problems that are affecting their academic performance.   Some examples of these issues are difficulty making/keeping friends, poor anger management skills and low self-esteem.


    School counseling can be conducted as one-to-one counseling, small group counseling or large group sessions that take place in self-contained classes to specifically address social skill development.  Students in groups are always put with peers experiencing similar issues.


    In addition to student counseling, support is provided to the teachers and parents as well.  Every effort is made to inform teachers and parents of numerous behavioral strategies that can be incorporated to target specific behaviors. 


    Teamwork involving the counselor, student, parent and teacher sets up any situation for success.  The goal of school counseling is to make a positive impact for all individuals who are affected by the situation.