Grade 2

  • GRADE 2                                                                                            


     Welcome to our 2 nd grade community of learners and citizens.   We are excited to celebrate the various cultures and influential Americans that have shaped our lives in Social Studies and explore our earth in Science!!    In Math we will work on place value, operations, and shapes and in Literacy we will continue to build good reading and writing habits using Reading and Writing Workshop and a balanced literacy curriculum.   To ensure that we stay organized and support one another as a team, we will begin each day with a morning meeting, based on Responsive Classroom.   We will accomplish so much together this year! 




    A day in the life of a second grader at Hillers…

    When students arrive at school each classroom has its own morning routines. They include choosing between lunch options, taking attendance, and listening to morning announcements. To begin our day we all take part in a Morning Meeting in which we greet classmates and share what is going on in our lives.   We work together to solve problems and provide encouragement for each other.

    In Math, we began with a review of basic concepts that were learned in first grade.   Through the rest of the year we will work on advanced addition and subtraction, place value and recognizing 3-D and 2-D shapes.

               Our Writing Workshop program will help students improve upon their written communication.   In addition to defining small moments and re-telling personal events, we will also be writing letters and using authors as mentors.

              We will continue to build good reading habits in reading workshop.   Vocabulary, fluency and comprehension will be addressed daily in both a workshop and small group setting.   We will also be exploring non-fiction texts in December and January.

             In social studies, we began the year with a unit on building a successful community.    We will also be studying international and national holidays as well as celebrate various cultures.   We will also take a look at influential Americans that have shaped our lives.

            Earth science will be the primary focus for the first half of the year in science. We will take a look at various weather and earth features as well as defining and classifying matter.

            We are looking forward to class field trips, the Book Fair, Pajama Night, the Sweetheart Dance, and seasonal concerts. We will continue to celebrate birthdays and writing units in our classrooms.