Vocal Music

  •               VOCAL MUSIC        

                        Ms. Na





    The goal of the Hackensack Public School’s music education program is to empower students to experience music as a source of personal enrichment, as a vehicle for the constructive expression of human emotions, and as a unique intellectual discipline. These goals will be attained through a structured, sequential program of study.


    In grades K-4, music teachers introduce basic music concepts through singing, playing instruments, moving, and listening.  Students will gradually develop their singing voices and repertoire of songs, and a sense of rhythm beginning with the steady beat and continuing toward complex rhythms and meters.  Movement experiences are included as a means of demonstrating concepts such as pitch, rhythm, and form.  Listening experiences include traditional and contemporary classical works, American folk music, and music of other cultures.  Through these experiences students will have the opportunity to apply and demonstrate an understanding of music concepts.


    I personally believe all children are musical, and that every child needs a stimulating, supportive music environment to develop music competence.  Children’s musical growth occurs best in a musically rich and developmentally appropriate setting.

    Through activities which develop music learning and skills, students are actively involved in learning important academic skills such as language, math, social studies and science.  Successful experiences in music performance result in increased self-esteem and emotional growth.  Participation in music education fosters a knowledge and appreciation of all the arts and provides an expressive outlet which can last a lifetime.


    ~Ms. Na