Grade 4

  • Grade 4                                  


    Welcome to the 4 th grade leaders of Hillers ! We have the privilege to prepare our independent and responsible students for the next level.   Our mini lesson approach promotes this independence.   After a mini lesson, students will be expected to carry out the instruction on their own.   Our Workshop approach in Reading and Writing will hold the key to making their reading and writing lives more powerful.   In math the students will process, then communicate math concepts through hands on activities along with continuing to gain a sense of numbers and solve problems.   In Social Studies and Science our students will explore the world, universe, and human body.   Our students are confident and proud to have been part of Hillers and be ready to go beyond!      




    A day in the life of a Fourth Grader...


                      A typical day in the fourth grade begins with a scrumptious breakfast that gets the students’ brain ready for the day.   The first task of the day is a math word problem that we solve using the HSCE, (Highlight, Solve, Circle and Explain) technique.  

                    Our mornings consist of Reader’s Workshop/Independent Reading, Word Study, Interactive Read Aloud, Grammar and Writer’s Workshop.

    These components have been built upon throughout the students’ previous years here at Hillers.   In fourth grade, students now have the foundation needed to begin to master the skills necessary to be successful middle school students.

                    After a fifty minute lunch, students explore mathematical concepts in Everyday Math.   Immediately follow mathematics students are in engage in either Science or Social Studies content work.   Here the students investigate, examine and discover anything from current events to the Solar System.


                    Aside from being nestled in a private fourth grade wing, there are many things that make fourth grade unique.   In fourth grade, students have the opportunity to study Chinese World Language and culture every Monday.   In addition, there are many special activities that fourth graders participate in such as;

    •  Band 
    •  Glee Club
    •  Student Council
    •  DARE education –(Which includes a Trip to Newark Bears Baseball Game)
    •  Fourth Grade Picnic
    •  Fire Safety Drills                             
    • And of course…our Moving Up Celebration!