Grade 3

  • GRADE 3                                               


    Welcome to our 3 rd grade journey to become life long learners!   Together we will take care and nurture each other, creating a safe environment for which we can all succeed.   This school year, we will investigate and appreciate our world allowing us to make educated decisions in Social Studies and Science.   We will learn to become successful in our daily lives and careers using hands on activities in Math.   We will become active readers and writers in Reading and Writing Workshop.   Join us in taking this exciting ride together!      








    A day in the life of a third grader at Hillers…


    Everyday begins with eating breakfast, pledging the flag and singing our school song. Our students work non-stop, as they follow a rigorous morning schedule. Our schoolwork starts with word work followed by Writing Workshop, where students become authors of original masterpieces. Then we move onto Reading Workshop, which gives students the opportunity to escape into other worlds while they apply strategies to help them understand and enjoy literature.   The reading continues with Interactive Read Aloud where our focus this year is to capitalize on our abilities to share our “Book Talk” with one another, whether it be predicting, inferring, questioning, visualizing our teacher models and we respond with our thoughts.   Our morning concludes with Content Area (Science/Social Studies), where we learn about the world around us- our communities, our earth, ourselves, etc.   Lunch and recess is our fifty minutes to relax and unwind before we have to return to mathematics. During math we work on HSCE problems, different mathematical concepts and play math games, before packing up to go to our special area classes.   In addition to our regular schedule we have the opportunity to learn and speak Spanish and play recorders.


    It's so exciting to be in third grade at Hillers!