My Home Page

  • My name is Lynda McGowan and I am a School Social Worker at Hackensack Middle School.  My primary responsibility is serving as a Case Manager on the Child Study Team.  This 2012/ 2013 school year I am case manager for the seventh grade students who receive special education.  This is my nineteenth year working at HMS.  Prior, I had worked at Hackensack High School in the Drop-In center.

    I have a Master's degree in Social Work from New York University.  My clinical training is in family therapy and crisis response, including death and dying.  I recently attended a conference entitled"Will Talking About It Make It Worse: Creating Family Conversations in the Context of Chronic and Life Shortening Illness," presented by Dr. Evan Imber-Black at the Multicultural Family Institute.  As we all know, illness and death touch all of our families, and how we are able to talk about it has a tremendous impact on our potential for coping and healing.

    In addition, I have served as the PBSIS (Positive Behavior Supports In Schools) Project Coordinator for the past several years, working towards creating and maintaining a positive school climate here at HMS.

    I can be reached at 201 646-7848.  Please call me if I can be of any help to your child or your family.