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    Welcome back! I am very excited to start the 2015-2016 school year and look forward to an enriching and successful year for all of us! This is my third year teaching at Hackensack Middle School and every year has become more enjoyable for me.  As your teacher, I am dedicated to making sure that all of you push yourselves to become not only better students, but better citizens and members of your community as well. 

    Course Description:

    This course is designed for each student to learn and examine the different social, political, and physical developments that have helped to shape the United States.  This course will focus on the development of our nation and how it came to be the way we know it today.  The topics that will be covered include Political Parties and Elections, the American Revolution, American Geography, Demography, Culture (Westward Expansion), the Preamble of the Constitution, The Constitution, the Amendments, and the Civil War.

    Within my webpage you will find all the information needed in order to be successful throughout this school year.  

    • The My Resources link contains any important documents needed throughout the year (i.e., Course Syllabus, supply list, current events format, etc.). 
    • The Classroom News link contains important upcoming dates for the current month (early dismissals, issuing of progress reports or report cards, etc.).
    • The Journals link lists all of the journal entries for the current marking period as they are assigned.
    • The My Calendar link contains all important dates for any homework assignments or projects, as well as any upcoming quizzes or tests. 
    • The My Booklist link contains the name of the textbook we will use during the school year as well as any books that may be assigned to the students to take home.
    I update my Web Page on a weekly basis so please make sure you check it consistently. If you should ever have any questions please do not hesitate to email me at

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