My Home Page - Health and Phys. Ed.

  • Welocme to 8th and 7th grade Health, and 6th and 5th grade Health (Physical Education) for the 2012-2013 school year. The health curriculum is based upon family life issues and other health related topics. Below is what is planned to be covered for each grade level. Because of marking period time constraints some areas may not be covered. Every effort will be made to cover all areas listed below.

    8th grade Health: Topics to be covered: Dating and relationships, Sexual Harrassment vs. Flirting, Dangers of the Internet (social networks/cell phones), Birth Control, Cycle of Abusing Relationships, refusal Skills vs. Pressure Lines, Sexual Assault, Sexually Transmitted Diseaes.

    Grading: All classwork/homework will be evaluated on a scale of 0-3 points. Final grade will be based upon the QUALITY and QUANITY of work done during the marking period.

    7th grade Health: Topics to be covered: Female Reproductive System, Male Reproductive System, Feritlization/Preganancy/Birth, Drug Awareness/Education.

    Grading: OPEN NOTEBOOK QUIZZES will be given nearly every class. Quizzes and homework/classwork will be categorized together. Tests will be a second  grading category. The average of tests combined with the average of quiz/homework/classwork will become the final grade for the marking period.

    6th grade Health: Topics to be covered: Family Life and Character Development, Relationships, Child Abuse and Neglect, Safety & the Environment, Disease, Alcohol/Tobacco and other drugs.

    Grading: Two category averages, Quizzes and classwork/homework, will be combined to create a final grade for the marking period.

    5th grade Health: Topics to be covered: Self Esteem, Nutrition, Bike Safety, Fire Safety, Safety and First Aid, Issues Dealing with Puberty (physical and emotional)

    Grading: Two category averages, Quizzes and classwork/homework, will be combined to create a final grade for the marking period.

    5th and 6th grade Physcial Education: Students will be involved in various physical activities each marking period. During the first and forth marking period, every effort will be made to have activities outside on field area. Appropriate Phys. Ed. clothing is recommended: For warm weather; t-shirt, shorts, sneakers. For colder weather; sweat bottoms, sweat tops and sneakers. Please read student handbook for proper attire that is required.

    Grading: If a student is unprepared (not properly dressed for class) he/she will not be allowed to participate. After one unprepared class, the students grade will drop one full grade for each unprepared. Ex. 0-1 unprepared = A, 2 unprepareds = B, 3 unprepareds = C, 4 unprepareds = D, 5 or more unpreapreds = F. Poor social conduct in class also can inhibit a students progress as well.  


    Make-Up Phys. Ed. Class Sessions

    1. Make-up sessions will begin the first week of October. 2nd, 3rd, 4th marking period sessions will begin 3 weeks into that mp.

    2. Make-up days will be Tue., Wed., Thur.

    3. Make-up sessions begin at 7:45 AM

    4. If a student is late to a session, he/she cannot participate.

    5. Student signs in and states which teacher, day and period he/she is making up.

    6. Clothing should be Phys. Ed. appropriate (sneakers, sweats, etc.)

    7. Students may NOT make up class for discipline reasons.

    8. Students may NOT "BANK" or save up a make-up class in advance of being unprepared for future classes.

    9. Students will be involved in some kind of physicalactivity (calisthenics, jump rope, walk/jog around gym, etc.)

    10. During winter months (morning intramural basketball) sessions may take place at 3:00 PM.