The Band Room


    T. Michael MacVicar

    Director of Bands

    Hackensack Middle School

    Welcome to The Band Room


    Hello Folks!


    Welcome back from summer vacation!

    I am sending home a pamphlet that needs to be read by both you and your students, signed, and returned.   If you didn't get it from your student, it is available for download here. Please download and print it.   Return the tear off section and retain the rest for your reference.   

    Parents, you should be seeing your student's instruments start to come home prior to the week of September 15th.   As the music gets more challenging, students need more preparation time to prepare the material.   I expect our kids to play at least 30 minutes a day, four times a week AT HOME! prepared for class at all times!     

    Musically yours,


    Mike MacVicar

    Band Director


    "Music speaks of Platonic truth - the ideal river rather than the polluted is necessary to our survival and our sanity"

    Pam Brown

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