The Rebel Alliance - Keith J Lamber

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    Mr. Keith J Lamber
    6th Grade Social Studies and
    Gifted and Talented
    Hackensack Middle School, Room 124
    SCHOOL YEAR 2016 - 17
    A REBELLION can be considered an instance
    of defiance or resistance.  We are asking you to join us.
    Dare to defy what is "cool."  Risk to resist what is ignorant.
    Cling to the conviction that you can make a difference.
    An ALLIANCE of those who think like you
    are banding together.  We are bound by kindred spirits.
    We serve the brave; those who dare when others dare not.
    Analyze your actions.
    Liberate your mind.
    Educate yourself.
    Do what is right.
    You are not alone.
    Our Rebel Alliance 
    is here for you.
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