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  • Welcome to Team 8B Physical Science and Enrichment Science!! 

    (Period 1= Enrichment Science/ and Periods 4,6,& 7 = Physical Science Classes)

    My name is Mr. Mocera and I will be your 8th grade science teacher for this 2014-2015 school year.  My hope and vision is to guide you through new and exciting learning experiences for science and prepare you for your transition to high school.

     You will find I am a very supportive, fair, and driven teacher that sets high standards for his students.  During the year you will be apart of cooperative learning groups as well as independent activities which will foster learning through discovery, experimentation, research, and science literacy. 

     Be prepared to work hard, come to class prepared/ready to learn, set/reach high academic goals, ask questions, build new friendships, and enjoy the learning process!!  My door is always open and those who seek help and work beyond expectations, will always find and achieve great success.

        If you are a parent/guardian or a student you can use this site to keep track of what is going on in my classroom for science. 

    Click on the icon that says "classnews" and you will get homework assignments and important messages from me to parents and students. 

    Also I will post important documents for science fair, projects, test review material, opening day class letter, link, and other documents to access this info CLICK "MY RESOURCES". 

    Parents who have children in physical science can view my pacing calander for the curriculum in my resources for physical science.   Parents with children in enrichment science can view the four units of study posted on my resources for enrichment science.

    Parents/guardians I will always post when grade sheets are being sent home for you to see the progress of your child. I usually send them home every 3-4 weeks. 

    I ask all parents to please email me help with updates on student progress.  My email is


    Thank you very much and I hope for a productive and fun educational experience for parents/guardians and students.