Mrs. Cioppa's Science Class

  • September 2016

    Welcome to 7th grade Science!  I am planning some exciting, educational experiences that will not only enhance your education in science but in the "real world" as well.

    This website will have nightly homework assignments listed as well as quizzes, notebook checks, tests and projects.  You will have advanced notice as to when a test, notebook check and project is coming up.  Parents this is not the time to pull back but to push forward.  Please check this website and your child's planner daily to make sure they are completing everything that needs to be done that evening.  We need to get the students to develop great habits that will help them succeed in the future.  Success is our only option!

    I am looking forward to a great year!  We will work together in order for you to succeed but parents we need your help!  Your child and I can not do it without you!

    One of the first steps of success is being organized and having the right tools and supplies.  Below I have listed what you will need for my Science class.  The 1 inch, 3-ring binder is the key and I can tell you from experience that the students who have this from the beginning are the most successful!

    Life Science School Supply List for Mrs. Cioppa 2016-2017

    The following supplies are required for classroom use and will be checked by Monday September 12th:

    • 1 inch, 3-ring binder for science only, containing loose-leaf paper.
    • pens (please ask your child periodically throughout the school year if they need more)
    • pencils (please ask your child periodically throughout the school year if they need more)

    The following supplies are required for use at home (we do multiple projects and these items are essential):

    • colored pencils (12 pack is fine)
    • markers
    • ruler
    • calculator
    • tape/glue stick
    • poster paper
    • construction paper

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