8th Grade / 8vo Grado

  • 8th Grade Physical Science Curriculum – Hackensack Middle School

    1.    Methods of Science and Measurement

    a.     Scientific Method

    b.    Graphing Data

    c.     Metric System


    2.    Forces and Motion

    a.     Velocity, Speed and Acceleration

    b.    Graphing speed and acceleration

    c.     Relationship between force, mass, and motion

    d.    Equal and Opposite forces

    e.     Inertia

    f.       The difference between mass and weight

    g.     Newton’s 3 Laws of Motion applied to real world situations


    3.    The Nature of Matter

    a.     Measuring Matter (mass, volume, density)

    b.    Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

    c.     Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures

    d.    Movement of Molecules


    4.    The Periodic Table

    a.     Atoms

    b.    Molecules

    c.     Organization of the Periodic Table

    d.    Chemical bonding