My Homework

  • Homework will be assigned Monday-Friday. Just as the curriculum is individualized for each child in the classroom as per their IEP, homework assignments will vary from student to student according to their needs.  Due to this, I will NOT be posting individual homework assignments on this website but you can reference this outline for general information:

    • Monday: Spelling- write 5xs, use two spelling words in a sentence
    • Tuesday:
      • Spelling- write 5xs, ABC order
      • Math
    • Wednesday:
      • Spelling- write 5xs, sentence completion
      • Language Arts
    • Thursday: Spelling- Read, Copy, Cover, Check/Correct, study for spelling test
    • Weekend Homework: Complete "What I Did This Weekend" worksheet

    Your child will bring their homework to and from school in their yellow homework folder.  Please remind and encourage your child to complete their homework.  Also, please contact me if you are experiencing any homework issues with your child (refusal to do homework, specific behaviors occurring during particular assignments, etc.) so that I can work with you to find a solution! As always, I am here to help and appreciate your involvement and support!