Ways to Respond

  • Ways to respond in your reader’s notebook (Language Arts notebook)



    Any thoughtful responses are welcome.  This is only a place to start if you get stuck!  Please make sure that you are doing at least 2-3 entries per week in your notebook and that you are writing long about 2 of your response entries (write long-1 page).


    Use a direct quote-lift a line from the book and copy it into your notebook and then write about why you found this to be noteworthy (what made this stand out for you).


    Make connections with a character- and discuss what the connection is and what made you think of this.


    Understanding a character-What are you noticing about the character?  How are you feeling toward the character? 


    Setting-Does the setting make a difference in this story and why?  The author chose this setting because…


    Timelines-Write a timeline with the biggest four moments in the story.


    Conflict/Resolution-Talk about the problem in the story and how the character resolves it.