Grading Policy

  • Grading Policy 

    There are four components that make up your child's grade.  The percentage next to the component indicates the importance of the component towards the overall grade.  

    Tests 35%

    Formative and Summative assessments are ways to determine if you/your child understands the math standards that are being taught.  Each chapter has a Mid Chapter Formative Assessment and an end of the Chapter Summative Assessment.  This is a major portion of your/your child's grade.

    Classwork/Quizzes 40% -

    This includes all the assignments done in class.  Most of the assignments that we complete will be done in the Go Math Chapter Workbooks.  I will be checking these workbooks daily to assure that students are keeping pace with the class.  Classwork assignments are graded using the check system.

    Homework 10% -

    Homework will be given from Monday-Thursday. Homework is given for students to practice/apply what they learn in class.  Homework will be given in the Go Math! Chapter Workbooks.  Each assignment will be scored using the check system.    

    Class Participation 15% -

    Students are expected to participate by being active learners.  Active learners are prepared with supplies, on time for class, and actively engaged in the lesson.

    Each week students will receive a class participation grade of 0-3.  One point for being on time every day, one point for having your supplies daily, and one point for being engaged in the lesson with a positive attitude.