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    THE 7TH GRADE HISTORY TOUR.............


    The first destination on our World tour will be the historic land of Byzantium and the magnificent Byzantine Empire. This empire grew out of the ruin of the once powerful Roman Empire and dominated the area of the Mediterranean Sea for over 1300 years. We will also examine the emergence of a religion that would have both immediate and long term effects on the world; Islam.

    In this unit we will examine the rise of the Byantine Empire and the reasons for their growth and power. We will meet Justinian, the greatest Byzantine ruler, and walk through the city of Constantinople. We will witness the decline of the empire and be there as the empire is destroyed and a new dominant Muslim culture assumes power in the region.

    We will learn why the religion of Islam was so easily and widely accepted in the Middle East region. We will learn about Mohammad, the founder of Islam, and what he did to spread the new religion throughout the Arabian Peninsula. We will learn of the first rulers of the Muslim Empires and experience the magnificence of Islam's Golden Age.