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    Homework is given when necessary to reinforce what is learned in class, to complete work that was not finished during class time, to simply practice a skill or concept, or to preview material that will be taught in class.

    You will not necessarily have written homework every night. However, you are expected to read for at least 30 minutes every night (including weekends and holiday breaks) I usually do not assign written homework on the weekends unless there is a long-range project that you are working on and you need the extra time to complete it or if class work is not completed.

    Some homework is graded and other assignments are simply recorded as “complete” or “incomplete”.  

    For more information please click on the “HW/Projects Policies” link on my web page.

    * ALL homework and projects will be posted on my website by the end of the school day and given in class for you to copy into your planner.

    * Due dates for all assignments (homework and projects) will be posted on the HOMEWORK page of my website.

    * Homework and projects are due on the date assigned.  

    * If you are ABSENT from school you will have one day for every day you are absent to complete and hand in the assignments.

    * You be notified periodically throughout the marking period in writing via a "Missing Work Report".  Any missing work on this report will be due at the end of the week the report is handed out.  Example:  You get the report on a Monday - missing work is due to me by that Friday.  

    * Of course, any and all work that is handed in late will receive a lesser grade than if it was handed in on time.

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