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  • Welcome Parents and Students.

    My name is Mr. Colella and I welcome parents and students to my website.  This is my eighteenth year teaching mathematics at the Hackensack Middle School, and twenty-fourth year overall.  This year, once again, I am one of the Mathematics teachers for sixth grade.  The goal of Mathematics is to develop and use the concepts and practical applications of mathematics so your child may improve his/her understanding of this course in order to be better prepared for the  strategies taught in Pre-Algebra and Algebra I,  next year.  My classes are smaller in size (18-22 students) which ensures greater one-to-one instruction and increased personal attention.  My goal is to have all of my students improve their understanding of Mathematics and to improve upon their PARCC test scores so they may reach the required "Proficient" and "Advanced Proficient" levels which ensure greater success at the next level.

    I look forward to working with you so we may make your child (my student), the best that they can be!  Please, I encourage you to "help out" at home with the math so your child will be deeply rooted in the concept of mathematics.

    Thank you and have a great year!


    Mr. S. Colella