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    Related Links
    Khan Academy

    Use this friendly online graphing calculator to check your graphs, or to find solutions of linear systems.
    Interactive skills all 7th graders will need to know
    Number Line Generator
    Arcademic Skill Builders
    Fun Math Games where you can play against other people in real time!
    Like Terms Invadors
    Play an interactive game while practicing like terms! Aim for the like terms and beware of falling objects!
    Fun brain
    Math games to enhance your basic skills
    Practice Worksheets for almost every math topic.
    National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
    Visual aids to help you learn.
    Math drills to help you strengthen your skills. Most games are timed to help you develop speed and accuracy. 

    Holt Math Book
    Online textbook, practice problems, quizzes, tutorial videos, enrichment exercises. A username and password is required. You were given a slip of paper in class. Keep this paper somewhere safe, or write your username and password somewhere you will not lose it. 

    Add Integers. Play against other players in real time!
    Math Fighter
    Practice all 4 Integer Operations! Play against the computer or start a 2 player game with a partner.
    Integer Warp
    Multiply integers! Be the first to cross the finish line in your space shuttle!
    Spider Match
    Add or subtract integers to be the fastest spider to eat the numbers off of the web!
    Math Racing
    Subtract Integers as you race cars
    Integer Eater
    Crunch numbers by adding or subtracting integers.
    Hoop Shoot
    Basketball Shoot-Out! Solve one step equations correctly for a chance to throw as much baskets as you can!Solving Equations Balance Scale
    Help visualize solving equations by using a balance scale!
    Balance Scale
    Use a balance scale like the one in 
    Cyberchase to help you solve equations. 

    Fractions, Deciamals, and Percents
    Decention: A game of Fractions, Decimals, and Percents
    Group together equivalent fractions, decimals, and percents. Advance through the levels for more challenging problems!
    Puppy Chase
    Play alone or verse your friends! Power your puppy by clicking on the correct answer. 
    Pick A Path
    Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide your way through a maze.
    Motion Math Games
    An app for android or apple to help build basic skills such as adding and subtracting integers, multiplication and division, number line placement, and fractions.

    Inequality Genie
    Solve inequalities, determine the inequality by looking at a graph, and solve inequality word problems. Very good practice! Must try. 
    Area and Perimeter