Class Expectations

  • Below are the class expectations for the 2014-2015 school year in Life Science.  If you need to print out a copy, please click the link at the bottom of this page under "Related Files."

    7th Grade Science

    Class Requirements and Expectations

    Mr. Harrington



    Welcome to 7th grade life science!  This year will be one of both learning and fun, as we explore the world of living things and their surroundings.  Throughout the year, I hope to provide both a positive and safe learning environment.  This can only be accomplished with your help.  Our ultimate goal is to have both personal and academic growth.

    The content area of science is the tool being used to help you develop and improve your life skills.  The demands that I place on you, as both people and students, will help you grown in the areas of responsibility, balancing, prioritizing, dealing with stress, dealing with success and failure, communicating and interacting in a positive manner.  These are skills that we all need to succeed in the world.


    During the course of each marking period, you will be expected to complete a variety of assignments:  weekly articles, notebooks, homework, at-home and class projects, quizzes, tests and laboratory activities.  Your marking period grade will be a reflection of how well you complete these tasks, and the effort that you use to complete them.

    Your grade will be based on the 

       following criteria:

    • Notebook:  15%
    • Homework:  10%
    • Classwork: 20%
    • Quizzes and laboratory reports:  20%
    • Tests and projects:  35%

    If you are absent from class, regardless of the reason….

    • it is your responsibility to check the homework board/School World to see what assignments you missed and when it is due
    • it is your responsibility to make up missed work and hand in what you owe in a timely fashion (see Mr. Harrington regarding due dates)
    • it is your responsibility to download any missing work from my School World website.

    Science Work

    1) Notebook:  Students should bring all current science work to class in the science section of your 2 inch 3-ring binder.  A table of contents at the beginning of the science section will log all unit work that is to be brought to class each day, and then collected and graded upon unit exam time.  I suggest that each student keep graded notebooks at home in a folder for review on the final exam.

    2) Homework:  All assignments are to be recorded in the student planner and are due on time.  They may be collected or simply checked for completion in class.  Homework will be posted on the board and updated on School World. Because responsibility is a valuable skill, late work will be penalized by losing half credit.  Assignments will only be accepted one day after it was initially due.

    3) Assignments:  All assignments will be submitted on loose-leaf paper or in a notebook with a perforated edge.  I will not accept any assignment submitted on notebook paper with confetti hanging off the side (confetti= paper fringe).  All assignments will be headed in the following manner:

    (left side) Student name        (right side)         Date

                         Life Science            Period

    4) Tests/Quizzes:  Written assignments will be given to gage knowledge of a concept, chapter or unit.  Quizzes may be given as frequently as once a week, and may or may not be announced (unannounced quiz = “pop quiz”).  All tests will be announced ahead of time so each student may prepare adequately.

    5) Laboratory/Activity work:  All students will be required to participate in and complete all labs and activities.

    6) Projects:  Will be assigned for each unit studied.  Due dates and grading criteria will be given in advance.

    7) Textbook:  Each student will be given a textbook at the start of the year.  This book MUST be covered and remain covered for the entire school year.  Failure to do so will result in a 10-minute after-school detention.  Any damage incurred to the textbook will result in fines at the end of the school year.

    8) Do Now questions:  Upon entering the classroom at the beginning of the period, directions will be posted on the board or on the overhead projector to complete a “Do Now.”  It may be a question that was recently reviewed or possibly included on the previous night’s homework.  Sometimes, it may be a random science question.  You are to complete this Do Now Slip and the “Before You Leave” Question on the back at the end of the period.

    Class Conduct:

    1. Be courteous and respectful to others – in other words, treat others as you would like to be treated.  The common rules of courtesy apply everywhere that we are, and the classroom is no different.  I appreciate a joke as much as the next person, but not at the expense of another individual.  Please respect the feelings of everyone around you.
    2. Raise your hand and wait for permission to speak – when possible, everyone will receive their turn to contribute to the class.  However, we must first respect those who are speaking, whether it is the teacher, an administrator or a classmate.
    3. Be prepared for class – being prepared means having your completed homework, notebook, and writing implement on your desk when the bell rings.
    4. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise – due to the size of the classroom and the number of students in each class, it is impossible for everyone to be out of their seats at the same time.  Only one student may be out of his/her seat at a time with permission from the teacher.  Please sharpen pencils and dispose of any trash before the bell rings.
    5. Follow directions the first time they are given – no one likes to sound like a broken record, so please pay attention to all directions when they are first given.


    1. Lateness – Lateness to class will not be tolerated.  All students must be in the classroom when the bell rings to be considered on time.  Unexcused lateness to class will result in a detention after school.
    2. Bathroom/water fountain/locker use - All students will be permitted to leave the classroom for a bathroom or water break with the teacher’s permission.  DO NOT ABUSE THIS PRIVILEDGE.  Students who abuse the Bathroom/Water breaks will be asked to make up the time spent “breaking” after school.
    3. School rules All school policies will be enforced in the classroom.  This includes, but is not limited to, the policies regarding hats, dress code, cellular phones, music devices (MP3 players, CD players), gaming devices, gum, etc.  Please review the school policies outlined in your student planners.


    Please feel free to communicate any issues with me privately.  If you are having a bad day, it helps if you let me know at the start of class.  If you are having difficulty in class, I am here to help you.  I can be contacted in the school during the day.  Like I said the first day of class: I am here from 7:45 AM-3:45 PM. Come before school, during lunch, or after school.  Thank you in advance for your enthusiasm and cooperation!  I look forward to a wonderful year of learning with you!

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