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  • Hackensack Middle School TV Studio Club

    2016 is a rebuilding year for our TV Studio.  We have a new HD video switcher that will allow us to stream our program over our network to the classroom projectors (instead of the TVs) in full HD quality!   As we pioneer this new way to broadcast, we thank everyone for your patience as we work through the technical upgrades to get this up and running.  Also, later this year we hope to have the High School Residential Carpentry class help us to rebuild the set design of our TV studio.  Sorry for the slow start, but this is a year of progress for our program!

    -          TV Studio- Morning Report:  One of the few middle schools to have a fully functional live broadcast TV studio, the HMS TV Studio’s "Morning Report" is a club with a long history.  We were one of the first schools in the country to have an operational TV studio (circa 1975).  Each morning our students produce a live TV broadcast that is viewed by the rest of the school.  The show serves as the main source of news and announcements for the students and teachers. The TV Studio students learn the same jobs that exist in a professional news broadcasting studio.   The jobs that our student perform are as follows:

    o   Director:  Each morning one of our students serves as the director of the Morning Report. 

    o   Announcers:  Students are the on-air personalities of the show.

    o   Technical Director:  This person controls the video switcher to create the composition of the show visually.

    o   Character Generator:  This student controls the machine that runs the credits and other characters that appear on screen.

    o   Script:  This students controls the teleprompter that the announcers read from.

    o   Audio: Controls the sound mixer for every sound in the show (up to 12 channels).

    o   Graphics:  These students create and run a computer slide show that gives graphic support to each announcement.

    o   Floor Director:  This student manages the studio and cues announcers when they should begin speaking.

    o   Camera Operator:  These students control the cameras and set the shots for the show.


    -          Schedule of Events:  We broadcast live each school day at 8:23.  Students meet at 7:45 for a script meeting and then at 8:00 for job assignment. There is a short meeting after each show to discuss and learn from things that occurredduring that broadcast. 

    -          Participation Requirements:  In order to participate, students need to show an interest in the TV Studio and respect the equipment and each other.  

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