Incoming 6th Grade Math Summer Assignment

  • Hackensack Middle School

    Incoming 6th Graders for September 2016

    Dear Parent(s)/Guardians and Students:

    Many pre-requisite mathematical skills are lost due to the absence of regular practice over the summer.  The loss of these skills may contribute to unnecessary frustration and possible lack of success for our math students.  We believe retaining skills as students move up to the next grade level is crucial to their academic performance.

    In preparation for the upcoming school year, the following summer math assignment will provide the necessary practice for your child to be “ready” for the expectations of 6th Grade Math.   This assignment is to reinforce the pre-requisite skills essential for success in mathematics.

    For this reason, the following summer assignment has been created for the incoming 6th Grade Math students:

    *Please find assignment attached in the above File tab

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