Attendance Policy

  • Attendance/Tardy Expectations

    It is expected that your son/daughter attends my class daily in order to successfully complete the course. However, I am aware there may be occasional absences due to illness, death in family, family emergencies, and court dates. Students must submitted documentation upon his/her return to class in order for absence to be determined an excused absence.

    The school day begins at 8:20 am and all students are expected to report to Homeroom on time in order to be marked present for the school day. Three or more tardies to Homeroom could result in administrative detention, or possibly retention.

    In addition, students are expected to attend class on time throughout the school day.  If a student is tardy for class, a note must be submitted to classroom teacher.  If the student arrives to class tardy without a pass, the following consequences will occur:

      First Offense: Warning                                                                                                      Second Offense: Recess/Afterschool Dententon and Parent Phone Call                                        Third Offense: Administrative Detention and Parent Phone Call