Ms. Michele Stein
    email me anytime at m.stein@hackensackschools.org 

    Hello 8th graders! Any of you that are getting excited, nervous, or even upset that school is about to start, you are not alone. I am always excited and nervous around this time, and a little upset that summer beach days are over for a long while.  But be rest assured that you are going to have an interesting year at HMS! So many changes and so many demands on you are all to prepare you for success in high school.

    Here are some things you can start to do to get ready for our class:

    -Get a 3-ring binder dedicated to Science. Get rings that are at least 1.5" or 2" diameter. Buy the better quality one if you can afford to, so it will last all year long.

    -get a pack of dividers with tabs. We will label the sections together in class.

    -get a pack of lined paper. Again, I suggest you spend the extra money to get the paper with the plastic edge by the holes. Its worth it, as the holes will not tear. If you don't get that kind of paper, invest is a pack of reinforcement stickers.

    -a pack of index cards

    -pens and pencils (of course) and a high lighter will be needed.

    -a pack of basic colored pencils

    - a cheap calculator (I know, I know, its on your phone but we can keep those sitting at our desks, now can we?)

    A sharpener, a stapler, and tape at home is also a good idea. Keep a shoe box with your basic school supplies so you can find them when you need them. Be and stay organized!

    - and most importantly- get yourself a good attitude! Come in ready to get stronger, work harder, and feel accomplished! June comes fast!

    Looking forward to meeting you all!

    Ms. Stein.

    PS: if you read this website AND email me BEFORE the first day of school there will be extra credit in it for you!