5th Grade Math Curriculum



    Students will use the GO MATH! Series made up of 11 books, each book focuses on a unit of study. This curriculum requires that students work in a cooperative manner, sharing thoughts and ideas with their classmates and teacher.  At times, students will be asked to work individually, with partners or with their teams in order to gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the concepts presented in class.  Problem-solving is a major component of the curriculum, students will be asked to solve problems that involve real-world situations, in order to gain the skills necessary to succeed in math outside of the classroom setting.

    At the beginning of each unit the student will receive a math book which must be kept in the student's binder along with class notes, and homework.  Instruction for setting up their binders will be given in class. Students are to write in their math book, all work along with the solutions to their mathematical problems should be written in their books and/or binders.  It is important that students maintain a good supply of paper at all times.

    At the end of each unit of study, a new math book will be distributed.  There is a fee for replacing lost books, therefore, students need to make sure that they keep their math books in their binders where they can be readily available to them.

    In addition, students will be given supplemental worksheets to cover additional topics.  Students are expected to keep all worksheets in their binders.