Extra Credit Opportunities

  • Extra Credit - Famous Americans

    Students may earn extra credit each marking period by completing an extension assignment. 

    Directions for the assignment are below:

    1. Select a famous American to research. 
    1. Marking Period 1: Hispanic Americans (in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month)
    2. Marking Period 2: Native Americans (in honor of American Indian Heritage Month)
    3. Marking Period 3: African Americans (in honor of African American History Month)
    4. Marking Period 4: Asian Pacific Americans (in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month)
    2. On the blank side of an index card, draw and color a portrait of the famous American. Label the portrait with the American's full name.

    3. On the lined side of the index card, write a short biography of the famous American. The biography should include the following:
    1. Person's full name.
    2. Person's place of birth.
    3. Years of birth and death (if the person is not alive).
    4. What the person did during his/her lifetime that made him/her famous. You must write this description in your own words - do not copy information word-for-word from the sources you use.
    5. Why you chose to research this person. 
    Students will earn one (1) extra credit point for each card they successfully complete, and may complete up to three (3) cards each marking period. Extra credit assignments are due one week before the end of each marking period; late extra credit assignments will not be accepted.

    Use the links below to begin your research.