My Resources

  • Materials for Class

    These materials are required for Life Science and should be acquired as soon as possible and brought to class every day!

    1x 3-Ring binder with blank paper and dividers (Science Notebook)

    1x Science Textbook (I will provide you)

    Pens, pencils and a yellow highlighter


    Materials for Home

    The following materials should be available at home to assist you with homework, labs and projects

    -Colored pencils and/or markers

    -Ruler and Calculator

    -Scotch tape/Glue stick

    -Construction paper


    Test Review

    Below are the full documents for our class "Test Review". Feel free to re-print any of these documents to help you study for upcoming tests or quizzes. You may also look ahead to see what we will be learning about in the future! Enjoy!

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