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    Hello everyone!  Welcome to a brand new year that will be full of excitement, adventure, and most of all, learning!  My name is Mr. Allen and your child and I will be exploring the world of Mathematics! 


    This year in our 5th grade class we will be learning about factors, multiples, fractions, decimals, percents, a bit of geometry and much more!!!


    If you check out my sub page and click the link, 5th Grade Math Curriculum, you will see our books and a brief description of some of the materials we teach during the school year!  You can also check out my sub page links in Notes and Resources to see our bell schedule, and get the contact information for both of our main offices in case you have to call our school.

    My job is to be your partner in education and make sure that your child excels in the classroom, but we must work together as a TEAM to make that happen!!!  Here is how we can do that:


    Classroom Expectations Academically:

    In our Math classes, we will be learning about multiple concepts so I am looking for magnificent mathematicians and we need our parents help!


    Our first task is to make sure we are prepared to learn by purchasing the supplies needed to ensure student excellence!!!!


    Grade 5  - Go Math Program Supplies: Grade 5 Go Math Program Supplies:

    -               1 ½ inch ring binder

    -               Lined Reinforced Notebook paper

    -               5 insertable binder dividers

    -               Pencils with erasers (Mechanical Pencils are ok)

    -               One Pencil Pouch (please no pencil boxes)

    -               Extra erasers

    -               2 Two-pocket folders

    -               Headphones / Ear Buds

    -               Dry Erase Markers

    Secondly, we have responsibilities to each other that we should follow!!!

    As your teacher, I have responsibilities which I promise to hold true throughout the year.  I will make sure that:


    1. Treat your child with respect and care.
    2. Provide an orderly environment.
    3. Provide the appropriate classroom management.
    4. Provide the class with motivation and excitement.
    5. Teach the required content via the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

    In order to ensure that we have a successful year as scientists and mathematicians, your child has responsibilities as well.  As my students, I expect them to:


    1.  Arrive to class on time with all of the appropriate materials needed.

    2.  Complete all assignments accurately and neatly.

    3.  Be cooperative and not disruptive.

    4.  Complete all homework to reinforce the day’s lesson.

    5.  Learn and master the required content.

    6.  Study the concepts and materials consistently and get a good night’s sleep!!!!


    Homework will be posted every night on the homework link to the left of this page.  Also, please make sure that you navigate through this site to get the information regarding my contact information, grading scale, and homework policy.


    If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for all of your hard work, cooperation, and have a blessed day!

    Your Partner in Education,



    Mr. B. Allen

    5th Grade Math

    6th Grade Camp Director

    Hackensack Middle School - 5th Grade Academy

    360 Union Street

    Hackensack, NJ 07601

    201-646-7842 - School