Sixth Grade Camp at HMS



    6th grade camp has been a tradition for now 51 years in the Hackensack Community!!!!  Each and every year, a group of dedicated staff members take the 6th grade population out to YMCA Camp Mason and spend a week living in the wilderness for the ultimate field trip!  The field trip consists of an outdoor educational experience with students and their favorite 6th Grade teachers all week long!!!!

    The grade is split up into two distinct sections so there can be enough space for everyone to participate.  Half of the 6th grade population attends the camp during a week in May and the other half of the 6th grade population attends the camp during a week in June.  This year's dates are the week of May 15, 2017 and the week of June 12, 2017!!!!!!!!
    The students experience the outdoors while learning new science and ecological concepts. The students also play fun activities, mingle with new peers, and learn how to adapt to living in a new dorm like environment in the woods.  Social skills are sharpened and the students get to see their educators in a completely different setting.....all while they are being taught the NJ Common Core Standards for Science, Social Studies, Math and even Language Arts!!!!

    A staff of 25 Hackensack Middle School employees with 15-20 additional Camp Mason staff will assist your child throughout the entire week and make the students feel as if they never left home.  The links below will provide you with the forms and documents you need to sign your child up for this field trip.  


    If your child has any allergies, please check with our school nurse or your child's Primary Care Physician to see if he or she can handle that type of environment.  The camp is located off of Interstate 80, Exit 12.  The exact address is 23 Birch Ridge Road in Hardwick, NJ 07852.


    If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the main office of the Hackensack Middle School!   

    We are looking forward for your child's participation!!!!!!!!!

    With warm regards,

    Brad Allen
    Camp Director
    6th Grade Camp 2017
    201-646-7842 - Middle School Main Line