Course Syllabus and Student Contract

  • Mr. Allen - 224N - Grade 5 Mathematics

    Welcome to a new school year. In this letter you will find all of the necessary tools and important information that will be needed in order to have a successful school year.   This will serve as your child’s course description and syllabi for the year so please read over every section carefully and discuss everything with your child in depth!!!


    The following is a list of supplies for 5th grade math. Everything on this list is a necessity for school use except for the home use items. The home use items are helpful to have at home for homework use. You are expected to have these supplies along with your Mathematics textbook with you in class every day.

    Grade 5  - Go Math Program Supplies: Grade 5 Go Math Program Supplies:

    -               1 ½ inch ring binder

    -               Lined Reinforced Notebook paper

    -               5 insertable binder dividers

    -               Pencils with erasers (you must have at least 2 in class and Mechanical Pencils are ok)

    -               One Pencil Pouch (please no pencil boxes)

    -               Extra erasers

    -               2 Two-pocket folders

    -               Headphones / Ear Buds

    -               Dry Erase Markers


    Homework is usually assigned Monday through Thursday.  Friday is only if the assignment is a necessity for the advancement of the class.  Homework will be checked on a daily basis.  You are expected to complete all homework assignments in a careful manner and to the best of your ability.  If you do not understand how to complete an assignment you should refer to the notes that have been given in class for that particular lesson.

    All work must be shown in the homework section of your math binder.  Credit will not be given if only answers are shown! Homework that is not completed will have a three day grace period to be completed and will receive a partial grade. If the assignment is incomplete as a result of an illness, you may submit the assignment the following day with a doctor’s note to receive full credit.

    You are expected to make-up all homework that is missed due to absences and/or extra-curricular activities. It is your responsibility to make sure that your homework assignments are up to date. 

    Parents, please check in Genesis to make sure all homework assignments are handed in.  If a missed assignment is not turned in during the three day grace period, the assignment will become a zero and cannot be made up!!

    Grading Policy:

    There are five components that determine your math grade.  They are listed below in order of importance with their percentage of the total grade.

    Test – 40%

    Quiz – 30%

    Homework – 20%

    Classwork/Participation – 10%

    The marking period grade is a percentage that will be converted into a letter grade based on the following grade scale: 

    A+           97% - 100%                                            A               90% - 96%

    B+           87% - 89%                                              B               80% - 86%                                      

    C+           77% - 79%                                              C               70% - 76%

    D             65% - 69%                                              F                below 65%


    Extra Credit

    There are no extra assignments/projects that will be given individually to help raise grades.  There are no exceptions to this rule!  If you are having difficulty with any topics that are being covered, you should seek extra help not extra credit.  I am available for extra help during the first half of lunch and certain days after school which will be communicated and posted. 

     School-Home Connection

    Communication between home and school is a big part of student success.  It is important that we have different ways and different tools to use to keep the lines of communication open throughout the school year.  Below you will find everything you need for this school year.


    Parents, our school uses a grading program called Genesis.  The program is a great tool to keep you abreast of your child’s academic progress.  I encourage you to create an account so you are up to date on your child’s math progress in my class as well as their other classes.  You can contact the main office to set up an account and please have valid identification ready.


    Parents, sometimes having all the tools above are just not enough.  I welcome you to e-mail me whenever necessary at  Please provide me with an email address that you check regularly so that we may be “GREEN”.  The best way to do this is by sending me an e-mail with your child’s name in the subject line.  This way I will have a direct way to contact you from my classroom and you and I can stay connected.  If you don’t have an e-mail or need anything else, I can always be reached by contacting the school.   

    Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of your child’s education!!!

    With warm regards,


    Mr. B. Allen

    5th Grade Mathematics

    Hackensack Middle School