Summer Reading Assignment for Incoming 6th Grade

  • Dear Parents, Students, and Guardians,

    Enclosed you will find the Summer Reading Assignment for all Incoming 6th Graders. Please be sure to do your best job on this assignment, since it will be your first grade in 6th grade! Remember - you must write neatly and use full sentences through the entire story map! 

    Parents and Guardians, I cannot tell you how important reading has been to your child this year! Studies have shown that the best way to make progress in reading is to READ!!! Reading independently has been shown to directly relate to growth in:

    • Vocabulary
    • Reading comprehension
    • Verbal fluency
    • General information

    I am asking you to encourage your child to read 20 – 30 minutes a day (when possible) – before watching TV, playing video games, or anything else. Doing this will create a wonderful habit, and enrich your child’s skills!

    The books at the end of the packet are just suggestions; you do not have to choose from that list! Remember: you can choose any book that is on your reading level - not too easy, not too hard. The 5 word rule is best – if there are more than 5 words on a page (besides proper names) that you do not know, the book is probably too hard. You can also find books according to your last lexile score on the SRI.  If you are uncertain of a book’s lexile score, you can visit to get the score.

    Thank you for supporting your student’s education through the summer reading program.

    Have a great summer!!!

    Ms. Vallese :-)

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