Time Management Tips

  • Effective Time Management Tips


    * Studying, doing homework, or working on projects can be overwhelming. Here are some tips on making it more manageable.


          1. Use Your Planner

    *When you sit down to do your work create a “To Do” list of what you need to accomplish during that time. Balancing all you need to do during the day is essential.



    2.    Identify Your Best Time For Studying 


    * When do you seem to have the best time to concentrate? Set aside a time for each day that will be “work” time. This will help you get into a routine and it will help make sure that you do not procrastinate.


    3.    Tackle Difficult Subjects First – That will make the rest of your tasks seem easier.


    4.        Make Sure You Are In A Good Place To Study        

    Quiet, away from a computer, away from a cell phone. Studying with the TV on does not work. Some people work well with music playing at low volume but you have to know what works best for you. Studying on your bed is a bad idea.



    5.      \ Build Rewards Into Your Schedule – set a specific amount of study time and reward yourself for sticking with your schedule!