Adventure Supply List

  • What you will need for class during the 2016 - 2017 school year:
    1. Your brain.  Preferably one with a cerebral cortex.  Have it with you always... and use it!
    2. Adventure Journal.  This can be any notebook or a section of your binder.  It will be used for brainstorming and writing about the civilizations we create.
    3. Research Notebook.  A simple pad/notebook to take notes.  (Note: The reason you need a journal and a notebook is because we are going to fill up our notebooks.)  
    4. Index Cards.  Great for studying and easy to manipulate.
    5. Writing Utensil.  Either a #2 pencil or a pen with blue or black ink.  NO COLORS or GEL PENS.
    6. Social Studies Folder.  To keep your work organized.  
    7. USB Key. (Optional) This will be helpful if you wish to work on projects at home.  
    If there are any problems please come see Mr. Lamber.  He has a lot of stuff he is willing to share.  Just ask.